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The Museum Association of New York offers a variety of premium publications. Click on the links below to purchase these publications.

2012-2013 Salary and Benefits Survey

The latest edition of MANY’s celebrated biennial publication examines compensation of more than 70 job titles from 102 New York State museums and historical organizations and benefits data ranging from insurance to time off.

In the 2012-2013 edition you’ll find

  • Annual salary information for more than 70 positions reported by 102 New York State institutions.
  • Full-time and part-time positions reported.
  • Data sorted by budget size, institution location and discipline.
  • Benefits data from 112 institutions sorted by discipline.

Non-Members: $43.75

Members: $35


What Comes First: Your Guide to Building a Strong, Sustainable Museum or Historical Organization (With Real Life Advice from Folks Who’ve Done It)

This publication will help individuals and groups determine if founding a museum or heritage organization is the best alternative for preserving a collection, a buil

ding or a community’s history. The discussion questions encourage exploration of organizational and professional issues that will help you build a strong rationale for starting an organization that has at its heart the public trust. In addition to checklists of prompting questions, you’ll find this guide jam-packed with no-nonsense tips and real life advice from colleagues across the state. Already established organizations will find this guide to be a useful tool for self-study and planning.

Read a preview of What Comes First here.

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