Stronger Together

Museumwise and the Museum Association of New York consolidated in January, 2013 to serve New York’s museums and cultural organizations. This consolidation represents an exciting milestone in our organization's 60-plus-year history, and it will give museum professionals and cultural organizations in New York a powerful, centralized resource for advocacy and professional development.


Consolidation talks began between the two organizations in 2011. After many years of collaboration between Museumwise and the Museum Association of New York, it was clear that forming a consolidated organization was the best path forward to serve New York's museum community.


Under the unified name Museum Association of New York, we have chosen clear, straightforward categories to describe and name what we do. The names we have chosen for these categories describe our primary activities - and also reflect the strengths of our shared past:


  • One Voice - Advocacy and strategy
  • Conversations - Conferences and seminars
  • Ready, Set, Go, Recognize - Grants and awards
  • I Am Museumwise - Training and resources


Our goal, moving forward, is to bring the spirit, vitality and individuality of our former organizations into a new, united organization. We will continue to meet your expectations with a full range of programs and services, big and small. We will evaluate how to better accomplish what we do and how we do it, to assure that we are effectively delivering the service and advocacy you need.


Rest assured, our mission will remain constant: to serve you, to advocate for you, and to provide the tools you need to succeed. Together, working with you and serving you, we can all be stronger.