Justify Your Trip

Budgets for travel and training are tight these days, especially in museums and non-profit organizations. We strive to make Museums in Action a valuable annual event that enriches, engages and inspires museum professionals and volunteers throughout New York and beyond. Here are some tips and suggestions for getting approval for your trip to Museums in Action, as well as some ways to save money on your trip.

  1. Focus on what you plan to bring back from the conference experience. Offer to conduct a presentation or Q&A session with your colleagues when you return from the conference.
  2. Help make a plan for how your responsibilities will be covered in your absence.
  3. Take advantage of early registration and member discounts.
  4. Connect with others who are attending by joining our Museums in Action Connections Facebook group to find a roommate or someone to carpool with to reduce travel and accommodation costs.
  5. Highlight specific sessions and speakers on the conference schedule that will be of particular value to your job and your organization.
  6. Calculate per diem rates for our conference site city with the U.S. General Services Administration calculator.
  7. List the attending exhibitors you plan to visit. Maybe you can connect with an exhibitor whose product you already use to deepen that engagement. Maybe your organization is in the process of looking into new products or technologies you can research. 
  8. Write a letter to your supervisor outlining the specific learning and networking opportunities you will pursue at Museums in Action, as well as the costs associated.

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