Call for Proposals

Want to be a part of the Action?

This year we have altered the schedule a bit to accommodate for theme-based sessions as well as museum “Must Haves” that were specifically requested by you!

Sunday’s sessions and workshops will address topics that those of you who attended last year's conference specifically requested in our post-conference survey. You spoke and we listened. For Sunday, we’re looking for sessions and workshops that address the following:

  • Visitors with special needs
  • Storage - how do deal with the lack of it
  • Adult visitors
  • Dealing with Millennials
  • Rules and regulations for abandoned property
  • Tourism
  • Design - museums, exhibits, etc.
  • Collections care
  • Facilities management
  • Teen programming
  • Common Core
  • Working with schools
  • "Friends" groups
  • Diversification of visitors
  • Historic House issues 
  • Membership programs
  • Leadership/governance
  • Volunteers
  • Grant writing
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Visitor studies
  • Founder's syndrome
  • Strategic planning


Monday’s and Tuesday’s sessions will follow the conference theme: Museums - Core to Communities

What we’re looking for:

Build on these ideas for session topics or come up with one of your own! We’re all trying to prove our worth in the community - how do you do it?

  • How does your museum impact its community in such a way as to raise the museum’s profile to that of an anchor institution?
  • What connections does your museum make within its community? Between community members? Linking to other communities?
  • How does your museum present and promote community issues?
  • How does your museum open its doors for community involvement?
  • How do you tell people that you are essential to the community and then convince them?
  • What has your institution done to connect other players in the community?
  • Does your community feel at home in your institution? What have you done to create that feeling?
  • How does your museum effect the development of your community?
  • How does your museum make your community stand out?
  • Do you have an example of how your museum has impacted your local economy?
  • How has your community rallied around your museum?
  • Do you have tips for helping others engage their community members? Financially? Through programs? Sponsorships?
  • Are you working with other entities in your community in exciting ways? 
  • Have you been a part of any successful collaborations or partnerships that support your local region in any way?
  • What events have you provided to your community and how have they extended your institution’s reach?
  • What tools do you have that would help other museum professionals play a larger role in their economy or community?
  • Is there a place for tourism or community development in strategic planning?

If you are interested in how your institution can be an integral part of your community, or already have been building on this concept at your institution or in collaboration with other organizations, consider submitting a session proposal! How do you prove that Museums are Core to Communities? Click here for the 2016 Annual Conference Proposal Form.

Be sure to email all proposals to
Proposals are due October 5, 2015.