The Importance of Mission in Guiding Museum Practice

Jan 06, 2004
Second in a series of three publications on professional practice, MANY’s latest title, The Importance of Mission in Guiding Museum Practice, discusses the benefits of developing and implementing a clear, meaningful mission. Each essay offers sound advice for organizations of any size and discipline when approaching mission refinement. The accompanying CD provides an array of mission, vision, and values statements from 59 MANY member institutions, and the resource list provides a variety of ways you can obtain additional information to craft vibrant, engaging mission statements.

Best Fit/Best Work: Finding and Retaining Excellent Employees and Volunteers

Jan 06, 2004
The first set of papers from last Fall’s workshop series to be published by MANY. The authors of this unique manual are seasoned practitioners who have distilled their insights into essays packed with useful insights and advice that will be an important addition to any museum administrator’s bookshelf. Table of Contents